Our Services

Our impeccable legal service

The services that we offer are totally strategy based. We function as Company Secretaries in Sri Lanka, attending to the formalities laid down by relevant authorities such as Registrar of Companies, etc. This includes matters relating to the incorporation of companies, registration of trademarks/name, the filing of annual returns, share issue and transfers, attending board meetings, etc. We are considered as the prominent Accountants and Tax consultants in Sri Lanka.

How do we serve our clients?

Senmark International has got years of experience in legal practice. We analytically study every case and thoroughly go through all the accounting possibilities under the law to support our client with as much clarity as possible. We are committed to providing honest and legally correct assistance to our clients. You should trust our capabilities of handling legal matters.

Our wide range of service that we offer:

  • Corporate Secretarial Division
  • Auditing, Accounting & Taxation Division
  • Accounting Division
  • Legal Advisory Division
  • Information Technology Division

Our best services

Corporate Secretarial Division

Whatever formalities are being put by the relevant authorities, we always act as the Company Secretaries. This includes all the matters related to the incorporation of companies, registration of trademarks/name, precisely filing of annual returns, share issue and transfers and attending the board meetings.

Legal Advisory Division

We are considered as the prominent Accountants and Tax consultants. We undertake interpretation of Constitution and the subsidiary legislation for and on behalf of the Government Ministries, Commissions, Departments and State Corporations.

Auditing Accounting and Taxation

We are in the field of auditing for more than 12 years. We have a rich experience in Statutory/Corporate/Tax audits of Public Ltd, Listed/Closely held Companies, Private Ltd. companies, Trusts and Partnership/Proprietorship firms. Our offered Auditing Accounting and Taxation Division service is impeccable.

Information Technology Division

We are among the most popular Secretarial solution providers, Accountants and Tax consultants in Sri Lanka which means that we offer full guidance and support in the legal matters. We conduct basic research, exploratory development and advanced technology demonstrations in the transmission and processing of information.

Accounting Division

We are the Accounting Experts and the Finance and Accounting solutions providers for your personal accounting records and offer a wide range of services such as accounts payable, document management and bill presentations. Just because of our expertise, we are known as the perfect outsourcing partner